At Elite Body Treatments we’re dedicated to making people look and feel beautiful. Using the latest technologies and effective treatment plans we can target problem areas of the body or face. In addition to our various treatment options we stock a range of take-home makeup and skincare products.

Montaser Cosmeceuticals

skin product

The Montaser Cosmeceuticals Skin Care Range is now available at Elite Body Treatments.

Montaser’s formulated creams are scientifically proven to rejuvenate your skin and will help to combat the signs of aging by treating unwanted conditions like wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and dark areas forming under the eyes. With daily and prescribed use of our products you will notice significant and measurable results in just under one month. Montaser’s aim is to build up and repair your skins delicate DNA structure one cell at a time.

To enhance the process of our products we mix carrot stem cell pep-tides and vitamins with a deeply nourishing blend of the finest organic ingredients. Included in our creams are extracts from Native Australian plants such as Quondong & Lily Pilly – which are prized resources used by the Aboriginal Australians to treat skin ailments – along with Kakadu Plum, the richest source of Vitamin C known to man. All of Monatser’s products are 100% Australian made from natural ingredients that are sourced in Australia.

At Elite Body Treatments, we will discuss your skin type and any problems you may have to determine the right products for you.



ecotan productseco tanEco Tan founder Sonya Driver wanted to create tanning products that produce a great tan while being gentle on the skin and environment.

Eco Tan guarantees a beautiful tan from products that contain only natural ingredients and are made using environmentally friendly processes.

EcoTan The products are 100% free from GMOs, synthetics, animal derivatives and toxic chemicals. As a result, Eco Tan has become the first Australian tanning company to be Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain.

Since then, the range has expanded to include natural deodorant, body wash and exfoliating gloves.

Eye of Horus

eye of hours productsEye of Horus is a natural makeup brand that utilises ingredients and techniques that were used by the Ancient Egyptians. These ingredients include beeswax, sesame oils, candellia and moringa.

The natural ingredients have been used to formulate products that are gentle on the skin, long-lasting, and nourishing. They are paraben-free and haven’t been tested on animals.

Elite Body Treatments stock a range of Eye of Horus products for a natural alternative to traditional makeup.