Greatly reduce stubborn fat and cellulite from your problem areas such as the stomach, hips, bum and thighs with Hypoxi.


Get rid of unwanted hair for good with our fast, effective and pain free IPL Hair Removal.


Target stubborn fat, shape and sculpt your body in a pain free, quick and easy treatment.


Fight deep lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and more with our RF skin Tightening and IPL Super Skin Rejuvenator.

Welcome to the Elite Body Treatment Clinic

At Elite Body Treatments we want to make you look and feel better than ever before.

Located in Ivanhoe, our modern beauty studio is equipped with the latest technology for the most effective beauty therapy treatments. Our service is personalised to meet the needs of our clients, tailoring each treatment program to achieve individual goals and objectives. We believe in giving our clients information and advice that’s both knowledgeable and honest, working with them to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Our appearance and weight loss specialists have undergone extensive training in each of the services that we offer at our beauty studio. Whether you want to eliminate stubborn fatty deposits, or smooth fine lines and wrinkles, you can be sure of a safe, pain-free experience at Elite Body Treatments. All of the treatments that we offer require very little or no down time; perfect for busy, modern lives.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact Elite Body Treatments clinic on(03) 9497 3447.

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After much dieting and exercise I found it really difficult to lose weight from my stomach so I decided to give Fat Cavitation a go. I have completed 3 treatments at Elite Body treatments and am so happy with the results so far. I have managed to lose 7cm so far from my stomach; it was so quick & easy! The ladies at the salon are very lovely and it’s been a pleasure to attend. I highly recommend their salon and will be back soon.
Greg, 56, Research
Love love love Hypoxi and have had great results already lost 19.4 cm in 2 weeks. I have 3 kids and had zero time to myself and minus zero time to exercise, so 30 min of Hypoxi 3 times a week it just to easy especially when you get the results. The staff a Ivanhoe rock their so lovely and informative.Thanks to the lovely lady’s at Hypoxi Ivanhoe XXXXXXX
Naomi, 36, Kew
I have been wanting to try IPL hair removal for a while now and discovered it was available at Elite Body Treatments in Ivanhoe East. Although, a bit anxious at first as I have heard stories of painful IPL I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I saw results from the first treatment to my legs and underarms. The hair has barely grown back and I have gone from shaving every couple of days to every few weeks. I really have to search for the hair now. There was no pain, redness or irritation during or after my treatments, the staff are very professional and attentive and clearly love their job. I can’t recommend them enough and will be back for more.
Sandra, 49, Eltham
I absolutely love Hypoxi and would recommend to anyone because its a sustainable and easy way to lose weight from those problem areas with grace and nola as the perfect motivators!
Lucia, 21, Bulleen
Hi everyone this is Penny Hanna, I started with Hypoxi Ivanhoe, after the birth of my second child. After 12 sessions I lost over 40 cms & 8.5 kgs. And now after the birth of my third child have gone back and after my first four sessions have lost 4kgs solid. I can’t wait to finish the sessions, I’m very happy with the results. I recommend it to anybody that wants to lose weight the healthy way. Thanks everyone at Hypoxi Ivanhoe , you rock
Penny, 36, Preston

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Our Laser Clinic also provide the following services.

“Get rid of unwanted hair for good!”

Intense Pulse light or IPL is a treatment that uses a combination of heat and light energy to target the hair follicles, destroying the hair at its root. Our equipment is the latest technology and delivers effective and pain free hair removal in a short amount of time.

The IPL treatment head has an integrated cooling system built in so when the handpiece is placed on the skin it keeps the epidermis cool and sends the heat to the dermis. The heat and light pulses are directed in waves instead of a direct beam resulting in no pain and a more efficient treatment. Our IPL Hair Removal treatment is the best way to see unwanted hair gone forever in a safe, pain free, quick and easy treatment.

“Get younger, more even looking skin that glows!”

Intense Pulse light or IPL is a treatment that uses a combination of heat and light energy that will stimulate the growth of cellular tissues such as collagen and elastin as well as working to break down pigmentation. The stimulation of these tissues will result in renewed and replenished skin in as little as 4 treatments.

As our IPL equipment is built with the latest technology the treatments are completely pain free and very quick with no down time. Our IPL handpiece has an integrated cooling system keeping the skin surface cool for a comfortable treatment. We can treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, acne and broken capillaries.

“Blast stubborn fat and cellulite from your problem areas!”

At Elite Body Treatments we use the Bodislim Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation system to blast unwanted fat and cellulite from your problem area. The system emits ultrasonic waves, causing intense vibrations to penetrate the individual fat cells, destroying them completely.

These destroyed fat cells, now turned into triglycerides are released into the body to be drained by the lymphatic system or are used by the body as energy. Our treatments are quick, easy, completely safe and pain free – with clients seeing immediate results in fat loss and skin firming in as little as 1 treatment

“Tighten and rejuvenate aged, tired skin!”

This treatment uses a hand held device that emits radio frequency waves into the dermis where it is then converted into thermal energy. The skin becomes thicker and the collagen fibres will shrink as a result of being introduced to this thermal energy.

With RF Skin Tightening fine lines are smoothed, deep wrinkles are reduced and the skin is tightened. Treatments are suitable for the face and body.Unlike Thermage treatments that will leave the skin red and painful, our RF Skin tightening treatments are completely pain free with no down time.